NOT MINE 1979 Chrysler Newport Highway Patrol Car - $7,500 (Laguna Beach)

You may be onto the reason.
I just re-read and first 2 listings said B.O.S. only. This just-ended listing says in-process, but was buried in the text - I wonder if everybody missed it.
He should've put that in bold at the top of the text, or in the listing title.
A no-title car from a state that requires a title is always a no-go for me. Been burned once like that, never, ever again.

Oregon and California are both title-required states.
Latest result on this car.
It saddens me somewhat, but I take solace that the seller will likely not derby/part-it-out, they'll try selling it again in the future.

Would make a nice roomy family car if you could convince the family to roll primitive occasionally.
That 79-87 style of copcar bucket seat is one of the most comfortable I've ever sat in.

Why the animosity to teh seller?
He's got a legitimate copcar in decent condition.
Now has a title for it.
Why shouldn't he try to get a fair price for it?
The fact he now has paperwork for the car is a huge plus in getting a sale. I wish I had some spare cash. I have always liked the "R"-body cars - bigger than a "B", smaller than a "C", and they really do drive nice! My old '79 New Yorker was a great car, overall. I paid $1,100 for it in 2004, and got $1,950 out of it three years later. Far as I know, the car is in Ohio these days.

What chaps me not only about this car but a LOT of cars for sale online is the "gee, the title is missing, but it's super-easy to get one!" Well...GET ONE already! If you have a car in a title-required state, you NEED to obtain a title for it! Keep in mind, if you go the "bonded title" route, most states do NOT recognize bonded titles from any other states at all!
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Yeah, I wish I had indoor space for this one. I have driveway space, but I refuse to do that as a long-term plan.
I had a Dippy copcar and loved the seats and how it drove, so I'm curious about an R-body. (and 75-78 B-body as well)
But alas, is not meant to be.
I was going to step up to the plate and get this car....but the shipping was $1,300 from CA to my home in I just picked up a '79 St. Regis.

Alabama St Regis 1.jpg
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I would assume around $1300 would get it to me in IN, then.
But the storage at the house and splitting time across yet another car are unchanged.