5 lug conversion

What is there to disagree with?

So I found out what the issue was , I got to removing the wheels , and found they were running conversion spacers , to run what I assume are sve wheels for a foxbody. Sorry for the confusion and the rookie mistake of assuming it was 4 lug ! Thanks to all who responded , have a great Easter Day , and god bless you all .
Glad you removed the wheels.
Also glad the original wheel studs are there.
Please let us know what you decide on.
I have NEVER seen B or C, or even R or M with 4 lugs...unless somebody didn't know about the Left handed threads on the left side. Despite the clearly stamped capitol L on the lug. My Dad used to paint the L white and the lug end red on our cars AND paint the information on the insides of the hub cap with torque settings and patterns. He was a master mechanic and was a Combat Glider Pilot. He left nothing to chance and made sure Mom knew about his Chryslers to tell the pump jockeys or tire people. On occasion he would pop off a plug wire, mix them up, unhook the condenser, or ballast just to see our troubleshooting. Learned a lot...
Hello all! Hope you guys are having wonderful weekend and getting ready to enjoy Easter Day with family tomorrow ! This one goes out to all the lowriders and all the modified guys out there . I’m looking to grab a better set of wheels for my 1968 Plymouth fury 3 such as Astro supremes , Hollywood stingrays / appliance Apaches , but for any of those to work I would have to convert to 5 lug, my question is this : Do I NEED to do a disc brake conversion or is there anyway I can use drums off another vehicle , or swap hubs , maybe something I haven’t seen / heard/ thought about etc . I am fairly new to classic cars , and there is very few information out there when it comes to modifying , but I am not new to wrenching . Thank you guys in advanced !

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20" Incubus rims 40series run flat tires 4mm offset fit nice no rubbing with flipped axle& 3" spacer in rear