So I’ve been MIA: 68 is DUSTY

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
Well hello one and all my fellow Mopar enthusiasts… So I’ve been MIA for a hot minute!! Things have changed a whole lot for a guy.

To start, I finally tied the knot!!!


So thankful this gorgeous girl said I do. Now she’s stuck with me and my cars forever!! :lol:

Also, I was sent to the night-shift at work finally. So I am now permanently on the 12-8 AM shift until I get enough seniority to bid on a daytime position in a few years… Could be 5 to 7 years or even longer but I’m hoping it isn’t the case. It has been a rough adjustment, especially the time it happened.

I was sent to my shift beginning of June, 2 weeks before the big day!! So adjusting to the night schedule, and STILL having to plan for a wedding was rough. We were extremely busy leading up to the big day, and even then - we had a honeymoon right after!

The fun was over before it began, cause I was back to work that very night we got back. It’s been a heck of a month, plus the week after - the band I play in had a show! It was a lot of prep for that as well, but we totally killed it and it was really fun.


Me playing the tenor sax!


A pic of some of us that Saturday night in Morro Bay. I’ll try and upload some of our performance on YouTube !

Things are starting to now wind down thankfully. I’m used to my shift now, although I do feel pretty tired most of the day even after I sleep. I really really need to find time to spend with my wife but ALSO to make it to the next town over and put some serious work into my New Yorker. I essentially haven’t touched it since January, before I started the new job and they were training me on days.

A few of the guys from my band had never heard the old girl in real life (we practice in the garage next to it) and I hadn’t started her up in a hot minute either. I was wondering whether or not she’d give me problems!!

I should’ve known better, because this sweet old girl barked off IMMEDIATELY with some fuel in those bowls and not even 2 cranks. Everyone was amazed to hear the power of that mighty 440! My friend Chevy captured the moment I was hooking everything up. Perched on the tire seemed like a good place to be LOL


Soon, I’ve got to go back and regroup from where I left off, because honestly I can’t even remember myself! I’m dreading it, but at the same time hoping to regain the momentum I had before, and to be able to hit it hard - this time crossing the finish line and MAKING THIS THING DRIVE!!! Seeing everyone else here enjoy their C Bodies makes me wish I could enjoy mine. Now I just have to buy out the time and make it happen.


Congratulations to you and your beautiful bride! You need to talk music with @Ross Wooldridge unless you already have.
Thanks!! He has me on Facebook, and was able to even see some of our performance!! He’s awesome. We have way more in common than I initially thought. He’s also a record collector (like me.) I am pretty hardcore about records too.

It’s really irrelevant to this forum, BUT I recently scored my TOP want of all time like a few weeks ago. Feels good to finally own this record. We only know of maybe 5 copies that exist!

DuVons [Gruber] A.jpg

I love the song so much, I covered it with a few friends of mine.

Congrats, I’m very happy for you! What‘s The new job?