65 300


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Nov 18, 2019
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Northern California
I saved this 65 300 from the scrapyard. I wasn't looking for more projects,but could not let this one get scraped. 383 4v silver with red interior. Great color combo.
Needs a bit of work. Engine is siezed, from sitting. Last driven 1990
I have several 65 parts cars to choose parts from. Has a little rot at pillar and few bubbles here and there. Otherwise pretty solid.

My plans are to use the best of what I have to get it back on the road on a budget.
Nice save. I hate to think of the fate of the white Cadillac in the last pic.

Sad to say the caddy was crushed,along with 50 other mid 50s to mid 60s complete caddys.
About 50 mid 60s to mid 70s caddys also.
A very effective crusher that could bale a full size caddy in less than 5 minutes
That right rear fin on the '61 parked next to the 300 looks exactly like the '61 Newport I picked up in Indiana back in April.
Yeah that's the 880 in front. The 61 is a 300

I have a 65 300 4dr parts car with red interior that I have a at far away storage yard.
I have to bring it home soon. My very favorite part of working on old cars is to get a donor car and park it next to project car and upgrade parts.
If the motor turns out bad,I have a 413 out a 64 imperial to drop in.
Outstanding! You are truly the "Rescuer", "Liberator" "Savior" and "Redeemer" of these old cars! Thank You So Much! ...and the cars thank you too.
Outstanding! You are truly the "Rescuer", "Liberator" "Savior" and "Redeemer" of these old cars! Thank You So Much! ...and the cars thank you too.
Thanks, I only wish that my friends,family,and neighbors felt the same way.
They don't understand why I like to spend my spare time driving around,changing flat tires, frozen brake drums,bringing home,yellow jackets,rats,mice.
I make enough to sometimes pay for storage yards for overflow.
Somehow I find this a entertaining hobby for me?
You know something? I'm the same way, it's a HOBBY for me to, but you have to understand that started when I was a boy obsessed with building and collecting model cars, so as an adult that model car collecting translated into real steel glass and rubber cars, the hobby may be a little more expensive, but it is also an investment, the troubles of the world and in this country does not pertain to me at all sorry to say, but you have to do what makes you TRULY happy! I have a neighbor down the road from me and he does the exact thing with his buying old cars at auctions and storing around his home and his neighbors do not give him any static with his derelict cars at all. Remember that everyone has their mission in life and this is what WE do! ...dont stop!
I am so jealous . I wish I had a few extra 65,66 cars to pull from. My doner car I picked up for my 65 is really too nice to gutt for parts.