WANTED 71' fury 3 dash trim

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Aug 26, 2015
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2015-12-03 10.52.51.jpg
Looking for the woodgrain trim that goes in my dash with "fury III"
Also looking for the trim that surrounds the speedometer, preferably with a rear defroster switch.
I have paypal.

2015-12-03 10.52.51.jpg
You are adding the rear defroster?
no there is already one in the car, hence the switches in the dash where the oil pressure gauge /clock goes. Someone installed a 70' model year panel in it and i would like to find the correct one.
Got ya.... and that's what is throwing me off. With the wood grain insert in the dash, shouldn't the face of the dash have the wood grain?
The whole dash is different on the 2 and 3 but can be swapped in but the pad and face is all different
I'll try to find a pic of the green 71 fury i had. It had the pieces i was looking for.
I may have something....not sure. When I get home I will look...fyi 71 Polaras / Monacos shared the same dash as your Fury
Yup, that's the one. I don't think I have a rear defogger piece but let me look....rear defogger was not a common option
Worst case scenario i can always put a toggle under the dash for a rear defroster
Hey fellas, still looking for these dash pieces.
Thanks for sharing, i saw those on ebay before. Was looking for used if possible. They're a little pricey.
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