1970 Plymouth Fury Dash Pad

Search engine Mopar dash rivets and a whole bunch of hits pop up. Plenty of sources are available. Technically they say it is illegal, big deal you want a nice dash pad. I never went the rivet replacement route. I have drilled out the set on the replacement pad (used) and just set VIN plate in its location. All officers that had pulled me over understood.

Leave the indent, leave the trim off. You can add it later if desired. Otherwise it'll look like a 69 Fury pad.
I redid my insert when I got a new pad from Bob. One of locating studs was cracked off so I glued it. Sanded the original lumpy cracked vinyl down trying to avoid the edges. Painted gloss black but had a couple problems with whatever residue/adhesive was behind the original vinyl and had to repaint with primer and a little glazing putty. I wanted a smooth surface because the new vinyl shows a lot. Chrome edges redone with Molotow chrome pen. For new vinyl I wasn’t trying to match original, just looked for something with a red tinge between my reddish aftermarket steering wheel and my kinda faded brown console. I bought 2 kinds before finding the right color and woodgrain type – less lines more dots. I didn’t trust the adhesive on the vinyl alone so painted on some weldwood permanent contact cement first. Got the shape close with scissors and then a new exacto blade. I still ended with a few not great edges and not entirely original but I’m happy.

Pretty sure I still have my reddish (more than stock) vinyl if you want a strip of it.