77 NYB and 78 Cordoba on FB.


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Oct 1, 2015
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This Facebook post was forwarded to me by a friend, thought I would share. A 77 New Yorker and the 78 Cordoba up for sale. Name and number of the seller is in the post picture. I’ve reached out for additional pictures and information. I’ll post if received.



Just spoke with the owner, super nice and knowledgeable Mopar guy. He’s had both cars for about two years, States he purchased them from the original owners family after the original owner passed. Both cars are as original as They can be from top to bottom. They are both Pennsylvania cars since day one, the New Yorker was purchased at D and M Chrysler in Altoona Pennsylvania. The cordoba was purchased at Curry in Pennsylvania. The New Yorker has 33,000 miles on it and the Cordova has 23,000 miles are believed to be original and not rolled over. He states the only issue with both cars are the plastic bushings on the wiper linkage. Other than that, everything works on both cars as designed. You’ll notice the New Yorker is a manual A/C car. In my opinion both cars are a “Must save”..






More Pics of the NYB. You’ll see the inspection sticker from 1989 on the New Yorker, he left that there for nostalgia. Because that’s when the car was laid up after the original owner had passed. Current owner states he drives both cars on a regular basis without issue.









This is a winning combo right here, nice clean pair of personal luxury coupes and a great buy.

Looks like the engine bays have been detailed, fresh coats of paint on the engines and other components.
The cars appear to be in Hastings, PA, which is about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh.

This is the link. Click the blue f.

On February 24th, the owner posted two facebook messages in search of a brake booster for his 77 NYB.
His main facebook page displays a blue Mustang GT.

The wiper bushings on a 77 NYB are easy to find and replace.
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I saw these posted a little while ago. Hastings is north of Johnstown PA. I love the triple black, fully loaded, big block Cordoba. Curry Chrysler Plymouth in Ligonier PA became Laurel Valley Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Both are really nice survivors and with the low mileage on them I don't think these have seen the nasty PA winters.
Gorgeous machines! I would LOVE that Cordova as my personal driver, IFF I had a place to drive it which wouldn't beat it to Hell. I'm better off with my rough and ready '66 Newport here though. Still, IFF Uncle would send us what he OWES us, I'd be itching to get on a plane to PA....
if it was 5.5K for both .. i'd own them already :)

if had to choose one, I too would take the "Doba" .. but the C-body its nice.

Not a buyer of either, but sure hope they both get good homes.
Have they been sitting outside long? See rust on the dobas bumper.
Thats what triggered my query about the potential undercarriage condition. My sons currently working on a 300ZX that was bought new in PA and it's a really rusty mess!