AutoTemp II used in Mercedes? But you probably knew that..


Apr 20, 2014
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Portland, OR
I just came across this video that shows a Chrysler AutoTemp II control servo in a Mercedes. It makes me laugh that Mercedes outsourced their climate control to Chrysler. Anyway the video is fun to watch and the tech does mention that there is a source for a metal replacement for the servo.

Here is the link for a replacement servo with a CNC machined housing - no more cracks.
1977 to 1980 Aluminum Housing Automatic Climate Control Servo - USED | Used Parts Product |

This is new info for me - is this old news to everyone else?
Thanks for posting.

Yeah, we mostly knew that but as it’s a system that was directly lifted from Chrysler, any info would be applicable to our old fuselage and to some extent our formals.

If you could please post the follow up videos here to keep them together that would be a great resource.
Just as with many other things in the history of the automobile M-B saw the usefulness of Chrysler's early climate control system and refined it. Nash-Kelvinator's weather-eye was an earlier system adopted by the industry.
Yes, Mercedes used Autotemp II...and thank goodness they did! Otherwise we would have no aftermarket support for these systems.
What is weird is in 1977 MB used the older Chrysler ATC II design that ended in 1973... Huh?