SOLD Budd 4 piston brake caliper hydraulic repair kits

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Sep 24, 2023
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UPDATE to ad listing below. In doing further research, these do NOT directly cross over to Mopar 2585298. The Mopar part number is for a caliper rebuild kit, which includes rubber parts but also extra parts, like a spring, a caliper piston ring, etc. These kits are hydraulic repair kits only, not rebuild kits, and only include some of the rubber parts for repairs to these calipers. Also, I cannot definitively cross these kits over to the application stated, but, for example, you might use a popular internet search engine and enter 'Wagner F 46456' - when I do, I'm pointed to a popular online auction site listing for a 'Wagner FC 46456' which seems to be identical (not sure what the extra 'C' in the part number is about), except lists applications from '65 to '68 full size mopars... As the auction site listing is for $40 a box, I've lowered my individual unit prices a little more below. Sorry for any confusion with the Mopar part number 'rebuild' kits.

I have seven Wagner F46456 brake caliper hydraulic repair kits. I show these as crossing over to Mopar 2585298 kits for '66, '67, '68, '69 Chrysler full size / C body Budd 4 piston caliper applications - please verify yourself if possible. These will not work for the B-body 4 piston calipers in similar model years.

Some of the boxes have a DE after the part number, one has a CM, and one is blank. I don't know what this means, they all seem to be identical, if anyone knows, educate me please.

It looks like one box services 4 pistons / one caliper.

Four boxes are sealed, three are unsealed, but all seem to have the same contents - four large dust boots?, four large rubber washers, and two small rubber washers. Rubber is very pliable and seems perfectly useable.

I got them as a group, I believe they came of the shelf from an old auto parts store when it closed.

Similar kits can be found online for about $40 a box. I'd take US $25 a box, $45 for two, or $125 for all seven ($17.85 a box!) plus shipping cost within the US only). I want these gone and to someone who can use them, make an offer, the worst I can say is no.

Shipping is from Omaha, NE.

I'll add some pics below.

Thanks, Jim
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As a result of an inquiry, I did a little more research and updated my original listing above. Several persons have reached out, the initial inquiry is what led to additional research. As the ad has been updated, I'll let everyone reconsider, and I will try to honor the order in which I received inquries. If you have already reached out to me prior to the update above, please get back to me again and let me know if the update above changes your interest in the parts. Thanks, Jim
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