C-Body makes the ranks in new book…One of One Muscle Cars….

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Jun 28, 2014
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The 1970 300-H Convertible is being featured in Wes Eisenschenk’s newest publication. It a great honor to have one of our C-Body Chrysler’s included in this pantheon of rare muscle cars.

Check it out! You can get them soon at your favorite vendor. Wes is a true “gear-head”, a good dude! Support him if you can, buy a book!

Thanks folks!

Release: SEPTEMBER 14th 2023


Learn about the rarest muscle cars ever produced with this new book.
In the world of muscle cars, many were produced and sold in large enough quantities that they would be considered special but not particularly rare at the time of production. The Boss 429 and Plymouth Superbird were produced for racing homologation reasons, and since they were very expensive to produce, the manufacturers ensured that they would be rare. However, there is rare, and then there is rare.
Prototypes and special factory builds, factory production cars, and super car tuners and builders are all covered in this new book by muscle-car historian Wes Eisenschenk. Some are single examples, some are very close to being the last remaining example, and all are extremely rare. Some have no surviving example known to exist. Featured cars include a Boss 429 Cougar, a 1971 Pontiac Ventura II Sprint 455, a 1965 Chevelle 300 COPO car with the L78 option, and a 1970 FK5 Deep Burnt Orange Metallic Superbird. Dealer promotional specials include a 1968 AMC AMX Von Piranha, a 1970 Dick Harrell LS6 454 Camaro, and a 1973 Nickey Chevrolet 427 Nova, 1970 300 Hurst Convertible.
These are cars that you will read about but likely never see. For a fun ride through muscle-car history and great stories of the rarest muscle cars ever produced, add this book to your automotive library today.

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