C body wagon for an HO scale train layout

Jim 68cuda

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Nov 14, 2010
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Anyone here into HO scale model trains? If you're unfamiliar with HO scale, its 1/87 scale. A car in 1/87 scale is about 2" long. By comparison, a Hot Wheels car is 1/64 scale and is about 3" long. Even though I try not to have anything newer than '71 on my train layout, I may just have to get this one.

Neo, a European manufacturer of high detail assembled scale models in 1/87 scale and 1/43 scale has just introduced a 1/87 scale Chrysler Town and Country wagon. Its currently available on Amazon from this European dealer. These aren't cheap for their small size, but the detail on Neo's 1/87 scale miniatures is pretty amazing (as long as you aren't looking for opening hoods or doors). Check out the tiny grab handles for getting into the third seat. Below are the pictures of the 2" long 1/87 scale model, but the manufacturer also makes it in larger 1/43 scale.

Personally, I think they would look even more realistic in green. I don't recall ever seeing a real one of these wagons in any color other than green.





Those are kool for sure and fitting colors if not green.
my HO knowledge is "ancient", but that's a neat little piece right there. thanks for the technical definitions on scaling too.
When I saw the headline of your post, I thought initially you meant "I'll trade a "C"-body wagon for an HO-scale layout"...LOL!

$32.70 for this little gem.
I appreciate the efforts of a European manufacturer to put such models, which are pretty unknown in production. Always wonder if they really can sell enough to make a good Profit. The model car buyers must be a bit less cheap than the average C-Body 1:1 scale buyer. ;)
Avid HO modeler here, those wagons would fit in on the club layout really well!
I have the 1961 Revell set of Chrysler products which they produced back then