Converting lean burn to non-lean

New China, but they work good. eBay/Amazon. Spead bore, square bore. Whatever. Pick your flavor. May need chock and throttle connection kits, probably will.

]1406 Carburetor Performer For 600 CFM 4-Barrel Square Bore with Electric Choke | eBay

Or if you need a two barrel. Something like this.


Just poke around until you find what fits for your car.
Thanks for making this data available to folks here. My carb expert mentioned retiring when he reaches 100, in a little more than a decade....
When I was a youngster , a guy in town wanted to get rid of lean burn computer so I told him to get a distributor with points i unhooked the plugins on the computer removed the distributor and put in the points distributor and ran the distributor wire to the coil after removing the lean burn wire and thats all I did about a half hour work he paid me and drove that car a long time till he passed along
From our sister station. Lean Burn Conversion 101
Yassuh, Rick-O knows his **** 'bout dis subjict awmawng uthuz awright! He sold me a damned fine kit for this purpose which still runs our D150 /6 very smart here. It passes Emissions with colors flyin' every year, and passes a good many Chebbies and Foadz with bigger hunks of ahrn unduh dey hood.