Dennis. That's his name.

I've been picking at my '52 DG1 and buying scrap cars off guys I work with...

I would highly recommend any new-er members to read all of Nicks posts on Dennis.
I had seen Nick and the car several times and the fabrication skills he has the pics just dont do justice.
Other 4dr sedans in better shape would have been scrapped.
I'm.. I'm just.. speechless.
It took me pretty much all morning to go through those 47 pages but HOLY MOLY.
That. Was. Incredible.
Nick? Volo? Pm me.
Tim and his gang are asking me to kidnap you. Lol!
Gotta see how things pan out, June is either going to go smooth for me or be a Fluster Cluck.

Currently getting one house ready to sell, shopping for another and prepping two more houses to sell, plus at work June will be my shift rotation or (also dependent on how things play) when I can bid into a more permanent division and shift.

I aspire to your level of continuous achievement, spirit and tenacity.

Thanks for sharing. Made my day.
I see a lot of 3.6 GM engines, most people just don't take care of them like they should
They have a ton of poor design elements.

When I tore this one down it was shot, my first hint was that I could not bar the engine over a full revolution, even with the heads and timing system removed...

Currently I'm getting the opportunity to build and dyno engines.