WANTED Dome Light Cover; From Part #3488441, rare e-body part?

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Mar 11, 2021
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Looks like I need a somewhat scarce doo-dad! Isn't that the way it always goes?
Working my way through some "small" parts to scrounge up and I knew I was missing a cover or panel on my dome light in my 1970 Chrysler Newport; looks like this is a rarer one found on mostly E bodies? Whole unit has a part number of #3488441. All I need is the cover, if anyone has one on a bad unit or a suitable replacement; one of the threads from '20 said something about a version of this used in the C bodies which I would guess is mine?

Here's what is in my 69 300, I couldn't find anything, but the $carce ebody style which is similar, so, jb weld and patience, I repaired mine...good luck

I'm honestly not sure; Newport was acquired late last year, with this missing. I think the lens? That appears to be the one included with the 70 C-bodies from other folks.
There's technically 5 different domes lights available in the C body's the lenses like the E Body's are actually repopped. But if you just need a tin I believe I have one.

These were the two styles I found, with the first one [here] apparently being used with C Bodies commonly. The first pic [in the top post] is mine, in my car; I just need that cover, so I guess the tin then? The larger plastic is in place and in fine shape. (Tried to correct a bad upload, lets see if it worked...)

C-body map light-2.jpg

e-body map light.jpg
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Did you try looking in the seat crack?
I'll find out shortly!! Its getting some dash electrical worked on right now, and then a friend is going to help with the sound system; with that, we're going to redo the carpet and replace the seats, so most of that existing interior is coming out :) Carpets got a lot of wear, damage, etc. and parts of the seats are held together with duct tape ATM. Swapping in some seats from my first Newport, a 69 Custom. It'll be nice to have those back in use :)
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