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Dec 20, 2014
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been looking for a reman computer for my car. none of the parts stores have available, rockauto out out of stk some other places on line out of stk. ebay has some for $400-$500 for used that to me seems out of line to me for something 30 years old. that is what i have now that went bad. has anybody ever sent one out to be repaired that is reputable? the car is not down a friend of mine had a spare i am using for now but i would like to get another or have mine repaired and keep this as a good spare.
I not sure what you are wanting. What car, what year, what ignition system are you currently using?
1993 mustang lx 5.ol, 5 spd stock ignition. the old computer would not let the injectors work. has 40 psi in the fuel rail, only ran on staring fluid. put the spare computer in and started rite up. since remans are scarce i want to get mine fixed. am just looking for a good reputable place that does this.
I have used SIA electronics to repair an ecm on a first gen dodge diesel, and one on an N14 cummins in a heavy truck. Fast turn around, and both worked perfect.
For a 93 5.0 Ford, there are surely some plug-n-play aftermarket ECUs out there. Megasquirt comes to mind.

Your car, being stock, is simple enough that finding base tunes to work as-is shouldn't be too hard (back in the day, at least).

Although some of that stuff is getting older, too. Not the ECUs, but the plug-n-play harness parts.

(thinking I should see about the quality of my advice, I goog'd)

Ford Mustang FoxBody 5.0 1986-1993 MSPNP Gen2 Plug and Play ECU