Ellie May is on the road

Imagine driving a 19.5 foot car in Venice when you have 40 to 50 Vespas buzzing around you at a roundabout!
It was wild enough with my mother-in-law's BMW, CRAZYYY!
ahah I believe it! like my Vespa Primavera at the vespa meeting In Verona (countryside) last summer?

Ayilar thanks for adding to this post, wheel well moldings, front hood molding and front fender extension moldings went back on. You might look at the car and go "geese" it looks the same but in a different color but a lot had to be done for a safety. The hood and wheels are a distraction, once they are replaced it will look much nicer.
I think Joe was removing parts and selling them off just to keep going.

That sucks. Slowly poaching parts off a car is still dismembering it. Glad it got a new owner!