ESPO 6 leaf vs. 7 leaf

Apr 23, 2020
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Ford City, Pennsylvania
I'm putting together parts together for another winter project for the Fury and wanted to get some opinions and comparisons from anyone who has gotten leaf springs through ESPO. I'm definitely going to go with one inch over stock height, but would like to see what two inches over would do. The back end sits up a little now since I have Monroe coil overs on which I want to do away with, but would like to maintain the current height with about an inch of tire exposed below the wheel arch. Also, any ride differences between the 6 or 7 leaf setup?
Get the 7 leaf. They will last longer before they start sagging and will give you a firm but comfortable ride.
The 7 leaf " should " add stiffness over the six. It should also handle more load in the trunk without sagging better than the six leaf.
The six leaf is a good spring also. Especially with the 1" over.
I've only bought springs from ESPO , all for 70 & 71 Polaras, total five cars. I've done both 6 & 7 leaf, I probably hadn't noticed a difference between the two.
This discussion is timely for me as well and I too will go for the 7 leaf with 1" over stock height. I will be ordering a set soon for one of my two restorations going on currently.
I got 6-leaf for Regina and 7-leaf for Snow White, which matches the two cars' respective original setups (Snow has the A35 trailer-towing package). I have not driven them enough report on differences, but the 7-leaf set that I bought for Snow seems to ride well.