For Sale EW1 White Imperial for sale (23k miles, Rockford IL)

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Mar 9, 2012
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Dillsburg, PA
My, My, My, awfully thin skinned aren't we. Thank you for providing the link to your original posting, made it so much easier to find it. NOW, as I, (and a whole lot of other members commented), ANYBODY who tries to sell a car needing a COMPLETE roof for what you wanted for it, must be smoking some great stuff. Glad they are finally legalizing it. Keep up the good work, the world is such a good place with you in it. Happy New Year.
Again, the all knowing one chimes in with negative comments on others posts when trying to sell something. If I was thin skinned I wouldn't be riding you here for all to see as I can take it. Guess your X-ray vision allows you to see right thru the tops of all cars without the material removed and decide a car needs a whole new roof. So, maybe the rust on the sides of roof is bad and can be repaired. Nah, better just cut a roof off completely and replace the whole thing even good metal just to be sure and triple the costs of repairs..

I'm done here commenting on this thread. Touché.
Not open for further replies.