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Jan 18, 2013
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When looking to purchase a new car today, most people make their decisions on affordability, the design of the vehicle, and dependability ratings of the brand. Sometimes finding a vehicle that have all boxes checked off in this search is hard to find today.
Though I think there are two other reasons that come into play here. The first and last body styles of a particular brand. Case in point, how many buyers would there have been who bought a 1970 Coronet Super Bee or R/T would have been running to the local Dodge dealer to buy a 71 Coronet the following year?

Going back 50 to 60 years ago, I wonder if some of the same decisions were made when a new design made it to the showroom floor. Consider the 67 Charger had just 15K+ buyers while the 68 had over 96K.
I know these are B Body examples, but when looking my own cars, I realized their first owners may have made their buying decisions because of the new car design or last of its kind body styles being offered.

Post your first or last year body styles. Here’s mine…

First year fuselage body styles...

I'm biased, but the 69 Imperial design was a home run.
The 72 is the one that brought me back to the hobby.

In Rockford2.jpg

Last year 71 fuselage body style. The 73 New Yorker was just a classy...


First and Last year body style...It's a love it or hate it design.

1970 Coronet RT.jpeg

Its a 2022, and same as the 2023, but sadly the end of the road for the V8 powered Dodge.

8_27_23 2.jpg
First year of the square body Darts, 1967


First year of the Tin Grille Trucks, 1972.

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TorqueFlight 8-speed. Bought it at the end of 2022 off a dealer lot in downstate Illinois. At the time, 6 speed pickings were slim to none with the shaker wide-body edition. According my Dodge paperwork, its 1 of 12 built with the options on it. Imagine how few 6-speed they built.
This car screams "drive me fast" every time I'm behind the wheel. No regrets on the AT, but the 6-speed would have been a blast.
I am blessed ;)
My '65 Chrysler 300L is both, first and last at the same time. First year of Elwood Engel's new body design AND last of the Letter Car Series!


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When did you get that?
The better question is to ask him how long it has been since it has see the light of day. :poke: I think he has had that squirreled away for at least a few years now.
When did you get that?
I've had that longer then the Polara.
The better question is to ask him how long it has been since it has see the light of day. :poke: I think he has had that squirreled away for at least a few years now.
Hey!!! It's been a while since it's been outside, back around the Project Sidetrack days.
1981: First year Imperial. Both body style and revival of Imperial as stand alone division.

Side note: My first Mopar.
1970 barracuda
First year of the E body.
These pictures are of M46 BH 70 barracuda's.


Al's M46 2.jpg