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Sep 17, 2011
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72 Challenger Rallye 340/auto 20k original mile car.
Thanks Dave
Damn. That is some beautiful work you're doing.
How hard is it to send you a carb from Canada?
We haven’t had any trouble with foreign shipping as of yet.
Super nice! Love the stamps!
Thanks Ray. The owner is a regular customer who sends a couple across the block at the big name auctions. When he was vetting me face to face about doing his work he said “ I don’t want my cars pushed across the block, they have to look perfect and start immediately. It’s not about the steak, it’s about the sizzle” he said! I was glad we both knew where we stood when he left.
I've used Dana for my AFB carb rebuild for my Barracuda and I was very pleased with both how it looks and how it runs!

For anyone on the fence about Dave/Dana's work. Don't hesitate, he did a 800 Holley for me, modified, rebuilt and test run and it looks beautiful, my fault I had not got the car together to put in regular service.
My TQ on my Charger was a put together from a few different carbs, by me, and it ran well. I was having trouble with it filling the float bowls too high (I believe it was needle and seats, maybe from ethanol) gave it to Dave and he worked his magic, carb runs like fuel injection smooth, goes, starts quickly no matter the temp, and gets almost 16 mpg on the highway.
Thanks Dave