SOLD Formal new Yorker

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Nov 6, 2020
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Ellsworth Wisconsin
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Have an insanely rusty new Yorker. Dash is still in and stub frame is still nice and solid. Grill is intact. Some misc trim. Car is junk every body panel is bent and twisted anyone looking for any parts. Under the hood is still relatively intact with power brakes besides engine and trans was gone. Does have an 8.75 under it that fits quite good. 3.55 gears but they are welded solid. has 3 sets of leaf springs in the car unsure of orgin. Was told imperial but can't confirm. Going to pull stub and front clip and scrap in a few weeks. Zero floors front to back and quarters are obviously trashed. Everything will be cheap. Probably best to come get parts if you can get here even if you pull parts. I'll work with ya bay city wisconsin for sake of ad I gave $800 in parts to trade for the car for the stub/clip and rear end. And went to Iowa for it. If you want whole car I just want my money back.


Ain't much left. Doing my deed and posting before scrap yard bound

Stub frame and rear end will be pulled prior I'm saving all that

Stuff isn't easy to find especially ones that don't need rust repair. Body is off to scrap should have been how I said it

Everything is for sale .

Complete stub $700 I think brake calipers are gone.

Rear end is a 8.75 housing is a beautiful housing to sand blast and paint no pitting. Fits wheel wells nicely. 3.55 gears unfortunately they are welded in the 3rd member new hardware for brakes. $400 obo

Anything dash related free if you pay shipping or if you come pick up free and steering column free any trim you want that's use able free
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