Found and Purchased Another 66 2-Door Newport

Yes it is. Wonder how hard that might be to pull?
IIRC there's an inner brace that runs downward in that area, might be a little rearward of it (on some cars, anyway?)
Might be impossible to access it from the back side.
Plus the points/creases at the top and the bottom have stretched the metal a bit, so they won't come out nicely, they'll need a little hammering.
Could get a body shop to weld the nails on and slide-hammer it out?
But the front edge might be more of the concern toward saving that fender. Although a stout piece of steel used inside the fender edge as a pulling blade might be effective. The trim will hide the pulling holes.

Here's a pic of one I had years ago, I assume the same color. Was the first car I ever bought off ebay.
Was 1 of the smoothest riding cars I've ever owned.