Found my broadcast sheet....'77 Cordoba!


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Feb 25, 2011
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Linwood,New Jersey
Please see my question at the end after reading my little blurb!!!!!! As many of you know, I purchased my '77 Cordoba 2 years ago with just over 11,200 original miles. It came with the original window sticker but like the great majority of us, I also was hoping to find the broadcast sheet. Needing to be careful and not wanting to damage anything on such an original vehicle, I started searching in the "usual" spots. Pulled the rear seat,checked under the front buckets,checked in the rear shells of the buckets,and checked over the glove box....nothing. That left 2 other spots that I was familiar with, above the headliner or under the carpet. These were the 2 areas I really did NOT want to get involved with. I figured if it was above the headliner originally, chances were that it was long gone when the t-top conversion was done. This past Friday night I was doing some detailing for a show on Saturday and I was staring at the passenger side sill plate. I said to myself, what the hell, it's only 4 screws, let me see how far I can reach my hand under the carpet. Pulled it up next to the bucket and peeking out from under the seat frame was a piece of paper.......jackpot,lol!! Wound up unbolting the seat closer to the door side and taking the kick panel off to gain enough movement on the carpeting to get it out. I did slightly tear it as it was taped to the floor and I could not see that. Hence the reasoning for needing more room to get to it.
If you look on the front of the BS you will see a code indicated in row I, however, when you turn the BS over there is no I to indicate what the hell it is,lol. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe the Crown Roof Package as there is no listing for it on the back of the BS....





BS 5.jpg

I think I know what it is but would like to see the window sticker to confirm my idea.
Here is the window sticker but there is no "I" on the options list.

View attachment 217993

View attachment 217994

View attachment 217995 was my line of thinking.

I do not know the 77 BS format as well as I do earlier years so I'm open to correction, clarification or discussion....

Typically, the letter "I" was not used for sales codes to prevent the letter from becoming confused with the numeral 1. I can't find any sales codes for 1977 that start with "I".
Therefore....I don't think line I on the BS is for an additional option addition.

Look at the line description CR'DT. Does this stand for credit? By 1977 the BS contains more 'administrative' items than earlier years. I'm wondering if the line is used to indicate a credit or substitution that, in some way, that generated a 'credit' reflected on the WS. I was hoping that the WS would show a deduction (credit) of some sort.

For example, the V8* deck lid stripe was included in both the A06 package and the V6* Crown roof package. You would not charge for the same stripe twice. Does BS code I04 acknowledge the stripe being included twice and deducting $x.xx amount for the duplication? Maybe...but there's nothing on the WS that confirms this line of thinking.

The best way to test that theory is to look at the prices for each package on other Cordobas produced about the same time. That way you could compare the price of A06 and V6* separately to this sheet.

My two cents...….
You've motivated me. I've never found a broadcast sheet either. Like you, my last place to look is under the passenger side carpet. I want to pull that seat out anyway and fix the seat track. Just curious, what's the engine?
If you look on the front of the BS you will see a code indicated in row I, however, when you turn the BS over there is no I to indicate what the hell it is, lol. Any ideas?

Here's an alternative explanation for this code "I04". In the Chrysler Sales Codes catalogue, dated August 1, 2008, there is a whole section with similar codes at page 104. They indicate routing by railroad carries (CP, CSX, NS, and UP). "I04" is not in the list, but for want of a better explanation just give it a thought. The "CR" in the abbreviation "CR'DT" in the margin of the broadcast sheet line could be "Carrier".

And there is a remark "79 Ship to American Sunroof" at the bottom of the sheet.