Front suspension thoughts please


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Sep 25, 2022
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I have begun work on the front end....but have not pulled the control arms for new bushings yet, they seem OK after checking. I replaced the lower ball joints and the shocks, as well as the steering joints, after replacing the steering gear box. When unloaded, the control arms dont wiggle....and yet after all the years I know I need to attend to them, just not yet on my road kill project. So, at this time the car drives almost like a new one, as best I recall from back in the day...not as tight as a modern car. But, smooth and straight for the most part. My question is on rebound. I have one large bump in the asphalt that is a drop off in one direction.....and that drop causes a bang in the front end. No problem on the compression side when hitting a bump driving things upward. So, I have picked what little brain cells I have remaining, and would like your thoughts on this rebound bang, if you have any ideas. thanks
Are the related rubber bumpers in place? I seem to recall similar on our '66 Newport. Might be "part of the breed"?

A good point on the bumpers.....I was able to replace a couple of these during my work on the front end....and I need to review. But, I will say, that when the car is loaded, in the center of travel, it does not travel very far down when the tires go over this small drop of maybe two inches. But, not sure, so I need to go look at this point again. I know that the bumpers I did replace were flattened to nada.