SOLD Fuselage Convertible Top Frame Free!

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May 21, 2013
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Marcellus, NY
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I'm going to start cleaning out some spares that I'm sick of tripping over, so I'm going to start out with a freebee.

As the title says, Fuselage top frame... it came with the pile of parts I got with my car. I know it is from a Fuselage, and I'm assuming that it will fit 69-70 Fusies across the board. YMMV and you'll have to verify that. The price is right though..

I really, really don't want to ship this thing, so it would be much better if you picked up. I'm near Syracuse, NY, just a little west of Rt 81 and a little south of Rt 90 (NYS Thruway) . I have other stuff that's tough to ship that I'll be listing (like some fenders and a rear bumper), so we can make a package deal.

It's also in the attic above the garage... So I can't get good pics right now. It's got to come out of there in a few weeks.. Maybe less... And then it gets tossed behind the shed because it's not going back up. Once Mrs. Big John gets sick of it being there, it'll get scrapped.

Bad pic (sorry) but that's the best I can do right now. It's FREE!

Oh boy I have to drag mine out, not sure if it's usable. You are not coming to Carlisle this year, right?
Ok, I'll check mine out and let you know, but if someone really needs it and can get it from you easily I'll step aside.
@Big_John (hope you're well btw), can you compare yours to that '69 Vert you looked at for me couple years ago?


ill get in line behind @Samplingman and/or whomever else has pinged you already.

I can send some guys over to you from Buffalo to pick it up if you make it down this to me AND you believe (if you recall) its better than what this car had?

I still may be able to use it for the other 69 vert I got in the barn -- it may be better that BOTH mechanisms i have (I am hoping to get ONE good car outta these two fixer-uppers(..

thanks in any event chief...

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