Git R Done guy


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Nov 18, 2019
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Northern California
Do any of you guys know Git R Done guy?
He’s the guy who insists on helping you for free and then complains to everyone you don’t pay him!
He always wants to push a car on trailer by using his truck and a tire in between.
Locking bumpers and breaking out grille on truck. Damaging car trim,taillights etc.
When pulling motors he always wants to hack trans cooling lines,power steering lines.
Will break fan shroud to access area.
Will throw in garbage all special nuts/bolts.
Will use flat tip screw driver to pull windows and trim.
Has no problem spilling oils and liquids then covers it with a shoe swipe of dirt.
Will cut push button transmission cables when pulling M/T!
Always will use high powered air
tools or impacts to snap off rusty
fragile bolts. Especially left hand thread Chrysler lug nuts.

Git R Done guy means well but sure creates a lot more work in the end!…………..
I think he's worked on all the cars I've ever owned before I owned them.
Well this is awkward, according to this I've been Git R Done guy more than once
I've run into this guy during home improvement projects..

Throws away instructions, special parts for things that need a watertight fit, the extra cautionary piece of paper that says "READ ME FIRST!" then screws up the job and complains about "the junk from China."

Oh ya BTDT..
Git-R-Dun guy is basically a caveman.

More from my experience with such dudes...

Uses drywall screws on everything except for drywall.
He pees in the front yard
His Skil saw has its guard held back by a zip tie at all times
His dog stinks to high heaven and is left in the truck all day long
A cloud of dust and dander follows him at all times (like pigpen from Peanuts)