Going to part out a 67 newport Sunday, what's worth grabbing?

Tell her it's the American dream to have a car up on blocks in the front yard
I am looking for the map light that goes up under the dash fascia in the centre lower down. Even though I am in NZ Id be happy to pay a reasonable purchase price plus shipping to get one
Regards Brett
I took the map light for my self. Sorry. The front brakes are drum. Not sure he'd let me take the drums if he can't wheel the car around to get it off the trailer. The bumper looked like it had a little damage but I'll be going back to look at it. I rent a house so no where to put it unfortunately unless I wanna put my car on the street. I'll be grabbing the rear view mirror, I'll try and get the ash tray. A couple were missing but I took the window cranks, one mud flap that covers the front right area from wheel well to engine bay I do have the two squares on either side of the map light available for sale. I'll grab the stereo face plate. He said his dad was the original owner and literally refused to use the stereo. But it's a major under taking to get that stereo out. Might take the glove box door and a couple dash pieces. I'll see if I can grab that headrest off passenger seat, maybe the fender skirts. Don't want to spend too much labor grabbing odd things but I will be happy to sell any items I can grab.
Do you want to try to tackle the door side chrome it in really good shape? Unfortunately it would mean taking off the door panels that are not off all ready.

When we were getting the side mirror off he said just rip the door panels to get to the bolt on the bottom, he didn't care. So I'll see what I can do on that side trim too.
Door panels and trim, windows, regulators. You should get the whole car and take your time parting it out.
Hi. I understand you have parted out the car and I am wondering if you would be interested in selling the rear quarter window regulators/assembly? I didn't see it mentioned, I have a 2door convertible so i am hoping your car is also a 2 door. Feel free to email at gerrypayment@gmail.com if so.
This is a 4 door car. I have a convertible and would've taken them otherwise. Lol. My friend ended up buying the car if you need anything. I have some parts and he has the rest
It's my understanding that the ashtrays for 65-66 do not interchange with 67-68. The 67-68 ashtrays are not square (parallelogram?) and are narrower than the 65-66 ones.
I have the full grill, I have the wheel well skirts , I have lots of random interior parts that are blue. The master cylinder
Sort of. The engine and tranny were already gone. I came and took everything I could get reasonably. A buddy of mine bought the rest of the car. He wants to sell it and not part it anymore. The seats are there but the windows might be broken and weather gotten inside on them. Not sure, it's sitting in a field in Parker, co



Did your friend sell the side trim, I see it's been removed. I might be interested if he still has it. Thanks
It is hard to tell what the bottom of the quarter is like by this picture, but I could use from the lower body line down. Do you think you could ask him for me? Actually I'd take the whole quarter. I think the only thing that changes from 67 to 68 is the marker light. I marked the area I really need in the second picture. Both the inside and the outside panels.
I sold the trim. My buddy is only interested in selling the remaining shell as is, no more parting out unfortunately. I've had many requests.