Holley 2210 to Carter BBD


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Oct 22, 2022
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Maybe this would be better in the engine forum but I feel it applies more to our era cars. Has anyone ever swapped a Holley 2210 with a BBD? Do they bolt up on the same manifold? I’m having issues with my Holley and plan next year to swap to a TQ, but for now I have a good operating free BBD I could just swap over and be able to drive the car. Just wondering if it’s basically a direct swap.
There are TWO sizes of BBDs. One for the 318s and one for the 383s (which have 1.56" throttle bores). The 383 models have a fatter and squared-corner float bowl as the 318s have a smaller and curved-corner float bowl. Which vehicle is the 2210 on?

If the one you have access to is the 1.56" throttle bore model, it should be a direct bolt-in situation, once you alter the upper fuel line from the fuel filter.

PM me about your 2210 issues.

No fit as the 2210 is 1.56" throttle bores and the 318 carb should be 1.44" throttle bores, with a smaller mounting pad. Check the dimension between the carb stud holes for verification.
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