Hood fitting tips


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Jul 17, 2021
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I removed the hood last fall from my newly acquired 1970 300 convertible so that I could go through the engine, and paint the engine bay.
I lost bolted the hood back on when I was done, knowing that I would have to refit the hood since the hood hinges were removed from the engine bay and painted as well.
Right now the rear of the hood is high on both sides, and I am going to start playing the adjustment game this weekend.
With the hoods being so big on these cars, can anyone give me any tips or tricks to get the hood fitting perfectly?
Are the original witness marks from where the items were installed originally still visible?
Best advice I can give is to adjust in small increments and understand that an adjustment at one corner might mess up the other 3 corners. Just tweak a little at each position and work your way around.
The hood hinges on fuselages are notorious for "wearing out". I believe it is a slight design defect that appears after years of spring tension. Some cars are worse than others, and usually the passenger side at the rear seems to pop up moreso than the drivers side after the hood is closed. Usually a simple push down will do the trick, otherwise the hinges may need to be rebuilt? I'm not sure that would solve it though, as I've never done so.
The good news is that the hood fit perfectly before I removed it to remove the engine and detail the engine bay
Additionally, start at the front with the hood leveler stops. Get that one done and then worry about the rear. Adjust the front latch so that little effort is needed to work it, but also keep the hood securely closed. I concur with the "small increments" approach.