Hub caps

Those are 15” from a 300 H.

A 300 sport comes with 14”. Pretty plain with no letters or numbers on them. They don’t have teeth to mount them and they need special wheels with 4 rectangle shaped bumps one them, and the cap has recessed pockets that go over the bumps on the wheel to retain the cap.

several eBay auctions have them


“413” is correct, the 14 inch wheel covers pictured are the correct standard item for all 62 300 Sport models. However, if the car was ordered with the uber rare 380hp 413 (yes this engine was optional on the 300 sport and the same engine as the 300H) the option included the 150 mph speedometer and 15 inch wheels with wheel covers that are also the same as the 300H as pictured by 58 Belvedere.

Steve weim55 Colorado