WANTED Hughes Performance 727 19 SPL 2500 INT

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Thomas Sabath

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Apr 21, 2021
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So guys who can send me a reliable address. As described above, I am looking for a Hughes Performance 727 19 SPL 2500 INT torque converter for my 727 transmission, part number 512-19-25.
I ordered one through a company J...... but unfortunately Fedex in Germany is not able to work well and my goods have disappeared. Maybe you still have a very good 19-25 for sale.....it would be new or one in very good condition.
Greetings Thomas
Can you get the Tracking Number for your shipment and check the progress via the FedEx online website? Contact the shipper for that information.
Hello, of course I have the tracking number and can see it on the app... only in Germany there is a service number where nobody answers the phone. The service is so bad...like a turn signal switch, also China to compare...they don't even answer emails. You can't compare that with your service..... he's been on the road since March 23rd and is probably lost.....that's why I'm trying it here with you.
But thanks for your tip .... Greeting Thomas
Too bad I don't live in the States... then it would be a little easier to get parts and not have to wait months to find out that the parts are no longer available....or lost....that's the problem I had yes also with my door rubbers .... now Opel Admiral from Germany has to help out, because the rubbers are almost the same. I still have hope that the converter will still be found... and FedEx will deliver it... must have been lost in Belgium... really annoying but my project will last until summer 23 anyway.... so if someone has a converter .... get in touch....boys wish you a good week..... Greetings Thomas from Germany
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