I need a new radiator...

These guys make a nice one

I think that is what I'm going with in my Charger, if you are going lose numbers I think it is best choice.
The only thing holding me back on a Champion is everyone I have talked to who bought one said the mounts came incorrect.

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I bought a Spectrum from Rock Auto for mine. I haven't installed it yet, need to do some other stuff first, so I have no direct experience yet. The aluminum radiator in the car has done OK, but the switch back to A/C with the right rad support will eliminate that.

The radiator looks pretty good, fairly heavy in weight (good sign) and was packed very well. My fan shroud fits well too.... Something that aluminum rad won't do without some fabrication.

FWIW, I've used aftermarket radiators in a bunch of cars with very good results.
Might as well free up some horsepower & use electric fans.
I don't want to go that route. I'm tired and I want this damn thing in and out in an hour. I AM keeping my shroud and viscous belt driven fan and I am NOT screwing with wiring...
I already have a modern parallel flow condenser with dual pushers. That's enough!
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If have a flap doors on shroud electric pullers work well I have used pullers without and had no problem.