Ignition switch bad?

While the ballast resistor corrected the run issue, I still need to use the button to start the car. Going to check all the wiring it should not be that difficult. The original mechanic replaced the starter relay I’ll go with the thought that this is good and trace the wiring back to the key to see if a wire is broken or frayed
When it started acting up I was in the finger lakes area, if you recall. For no reason it wouldn't start at times, or just stall out. I'd have to let it cool down.
There were times it would start with a backfire, sometimes I'd get a fire in the carb. However, it always started after it cooled. I could drive for hours and I would cut out for what seemed like no reason.

Yes, I held the key the night I was on the road to Carlisle, as i recall that wasn't an option before then. The symptoms changed.
When I changed the ballast all the demons stopped.

If you noticed at 836 after the OP started the thread, I said ballast resistor Because of my experience .
Yes you were correct. It was the ballast resistor. Big John, Halifaxhops, and 413 reinforced this, simply put I did not know where the ballast resistor was located or what it looked like.