Introducing myself and my project car.

Chris Fury

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Nov 30, 2022
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Candiac, Qc, Canada
Thanks to let me in!

I'm French born Canadian (sorry for my English...). I'm 56, just love cars specially old cars. I learn to drive in my dad's 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Custom at 14 years old ;-) on dirt roads in the country! But I grow up in the motorcycle "life style" having all kinds of them starting with motocross at 12 years old, by enduro, racer and Harley-Davidson. Being not a mechanic guy, I didn't go for cars even if I'm crazy about them. But now being retired, I said to my self it's time to go for it! After waiting and searching for two years and a half, I finally found my 1977 Plymouth Fury Hardtop 318 5.2L. It's clean, no rust, everything original. So I'm just gonna take care of it and enjoy life!

2022-11-15 Jour d'entreposage à Gandby du Plymouth fury Hardtop 318 1977_4a.JPG
Welcome. By the way, that's a B body, not a C body, but don't let that stop you from hanging around with us! Many of us have cars that are not C bodies too.