Lifting a Convertible


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May 21, 2013
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Marcellus, NY
Good morning,
What I'm wondering is lifting the car with a floor jack and then sliding the ramps under the wheels as opposed to driving up onto them. Did the fronts one at a time with ramp portion towards front bumper, but wondering if I can lift the rear at the pumpkin so I can slide 2 more ramps under the wheels with ramp portion towards rear bumper so that the car is level. Ramps are oriented to not interfear with access to the underbody.
I hate ramps for the fact they slide also, just wondering if I can put them to use seeing they've been sitting in a corner of the garage for years.
I don't like the idea of jacking up one end of the car with the other end on ramps.

When you use a floor jack, something has to move fore and aft along with up and down. Ideally, the wheels on the floor jack move when the car is lifted or let down. If the jack doesn't move, the car wheels move.

Jacking it up, the natural thing is to slide the jack under and the jack moves towards the center of the car when it goes up. If the wheels on the jack aren't oriented correctly, the jack might not move.. So then the wheels need to move or the car will... and that's not good. You have to be very careful of this with jack stands too. Letting the car down has the same effect... In fact, it's often overlooked as the job is done and it's time to get the car on it's wheels and go have a beer.

So, my worry is that the car can roll off the ramp when jacking the other end... or more so, when letting it down. It even becomes more worrisome if you are using one of the cheap floor jacks with the tiny wheels on it.

BTW, this just brought back a good memory of my two sons taking turns standing on my old floor jack while the other would pump the jack up and then let it down. Made me smile...