Low, Touchy Brake Pedal

Ok, so I feel a little stupid right now.
Today I did some of the things you guys suggested. I jacked up the front wheels to check the brake adjustment. Both front brakes were dragging slightly off and on so I didn't bother adjusting them. They still didn't engage until the pedal was almost to the floor.
Next I checked the pushrod in the brake booster which I adjusted out till there was about 1/16" (preload) in it. This didn't change the pedal height.
Finally after one of the last posts about the master cylinders being different between drum and disc brake cars I decided to take a picture to post so someone could verify I have the correct one and this is what I found.View attachment 479596

:) Personally, I would bench bleed your MC cylinder before bleeding your system. Rear Right/Rear Left//Front Right/Front Left.
On my MC (Disc with larger reservoir), I can self-bleed into can/bottle with only 6 full pumps before I need to re-fill the reservoir. You will see how many it takes you to make that mistake of getting air back in. Try three and look at reservoir.
Good luck!