Master cylinder conversion.


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Mar 9, 2011
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Alabama Gulf Coast
I'm looking for advice and information on converting my single reservoir master cylinder to a dual reservoir.
Brake line routing, do I need a line equalizer, any other parts?
It's a 64 Dodge D200 with non power drum brakes.
You can use the '67 and later master cylinder as that will bolt on your existing mount. Be sure to source a dual pot for the '67 pickup with manual brakes as the piston size for the master cylinder needs to be kept the same. A '67 spliter type distribution block can be salvaged off a donor vehicle or purchased from They might also have the tubing to make the conversion but you would need to contact them to find out. You do not need a proportioning valve as you have all drum brakes.

For my 1967 Power Wagon, I had a later disk brake master cylinder rebuilt. I think I skipped the distribution block/brake switch and set up 2 separate lines. Brakes worked fine. I should have set up an inline proportioning valve on the rear brakes. Note: I switched to a 1993 dry ball joint axle housing. The 1967 wet orbital ball joint set up kept causing brake pull.
I did the conversion on a '62 D100 years ago. I used a MC from a B-body with a distribution block from a '69 Roadrunner.

But!!! That also was a 1" MC bore and the D200 uses a 1 1/8" bore. So I would use a MC from a '67 D200 which has the same bore.