NOT MINE Mine 59 Lebaron no reserve BAT


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Jan 15, 2016
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North carolina
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A rare opportunity, no reserve 59 Imperial Lebaron. This car was purchased together with another 59 imperial. In full disclosure it was sold to me as an all original car. After receiving the car, I believe it has been repainted. The rest of the car does appears to be original. We went through the brakes, changed all the fluids, adjusted the bands and got it back on the road. I only bought this car in order to get the 2 door Dad really wanted. The car is not perfect, but it is very rare. If you follow Lebaron's, you know a fully restored one of these is incredibly expensive. My suggestion would be to leave it as is other than doing minor updates to keep her going over time. This could be quite the opportunity to own a car you'll almost never see at your local cruise in, without the fears of it getting a scratch like a fully restored car. If you have any questions let me know! I'll do my best to answer:

No Reserve: 1959 Imperial LeBaron 4-Door Hardtop
I love that Imperial with that colour combination. You get a few Canadian cars going through your collection.
I've seen the car on BAT ! I've also take a look at the data plate, it's a "special order trim" (code 888) and also at the right bottom corner ther's a SY235 code that is also "special" ... Seem that the car has swivel seats, power locks and auto pilot (but no A/C).
How drives the car ?
It's a nicely optioned car. Drives pretty good. Like any car this original, over time you'd need to stay on top of things.
It's a nicely optioned car. Drives pretty good. Like any car this original, over time you'd need to stay on top of things.
Sold for $16,750. Is that about what you thought it should bring? I looked at the bidding this morning at $6750 and thought anything under $10k is going to be a steal considering it appears to be all there and unmolested.

If it went for a little less than you thought it should and he paid a little more than he thought he should, that makes it a fair price I think.

Looks like the Imperial found a good home. I was watching and worried it was going nowhere for a while.
I think it went for what it should. That's why I do no reserve auctions, the market decides. I think anything from 12-18 was fair depending on the end buyer. Lebarons never come up, much less with the silver crest roof. If you want one of these, I think this will be one of the only Lebarons that will come to market that's drivable without costing a huge amount.
Funny, I’m in Orlando Universal theme park with the Fam and on static display is this 58.. shame it’s just sitting outside with NO activity..