My 1969 Imperial LeBaron

Jul 24, 2023
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Hey, new menber from sweden. I recently accuired a dark emerald green 1969 Imperial LeBaron. Interior is also green and top is black. Rund great and has lots of options. Sentinel and auto dimmin, power seats, doors, windows (including wents), leather interior with 50/50 split bench seat, tilt/telescop, cruise. But It doesnt have the stereo radio/tape unit or AC in the back seat.

Car runs and drives great. Very smooth at idle. Paint is quite nice, its and old repaint. Interior is almost as new but front seat belts are missing. Car has run 130 000 k miles.

Car needs some work. The Autotemp is not working as it should. Power vent windows dont work at all. Instrument panel lighting is also not working. I think its the dimmer switch.

but its a nice car and I love the hidden headlights, the interior and the sequential turn signals!




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Beautiful car in a beautiful color combination. Should be a thread in here on the AutoTemp issues. There might be some Chrysler MasterTech videos on the car and the a/c system in . Might find factory service manuals there (free download), too. Then there is for factory order and trim guides.

For factory sales brochures, Fill in the blanks for the car information, as if you were looking for springs for the car. When the next page appears with the products, in the upper tool bar, click on the "Links" icon and it should bring up a sales brochure, usually. Works for all brands, too.

Congrats! Beautiful car in a beautiful country. Enjoy!
Howdy and welcome! Awesome looking car!

Is this car an import car or was it imported after the fact.

Does it retain it's fender tag or does it have an import fender tag?
Beautiful car, great interior condition. Post the fender tag if you can. Looks more like F9 but it might be the angle of the sun.
V1F is the green vinyl top.

Thanks for posting the fender tag for YM43K9C271253.

Can someone please explain what MSG is? I'm assuming it doesn't stand for monosodium glutamate.
Welcome from your neighboring country :) .
Such a nice original '69.
A few weeks ago I helped the local mopar nut fill the A/C in his '69 Imperial 2 door. 1000g R134a cooled well in his car (roughly 70% of the original charge of R12). Just for reference.
Imperials are not well known in Denmark, so you might understand I was shocked (in a positive way) when I went to Power Big Meet in Sweden last year and saw an Imperial on every corner.