My new arrival!


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Nov 22, 2010
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Kingston Ontario Eh?
I have been hinting or teasing that there is a new addition to the CBarge fleet.
Well yes I bought another car!
1967 Dodge Monaco 500
Not just any L code 440 Magnum car that has all the options I ever dreamed of- except AC.
Members here may remember this car from this thread:
SOLD - 1967 Dodge Monaco 500 - 440 Magnum
He did sell the car to the gentleman whom I bought it from.
I had the car shipped from Vancouver BC to Toronto Ontario.
From there, I picked her up and drove the 3 hours back to the shop.
This deal has been in the works and a roller coaster ride since August.
Now that she is actually in my possesion I can show the world!

I bought it sight unseen.
So loaded up the Support Utility Vehicle for bear and my good buddy Jamie came along to follow me home.

Made it to the shop without any vehicle issues.
But the fog revealed a bad case of cross-eyed headlights!

I kinda named her Grace..
after Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco.
Here is a few pics I took before I left the shop.
Lower quarters were done.
Not sure who when or where but I really dont care--I dont have to fabricate any metal!


She had bodywork and paint done many years ago but it is holding up very well and the sides are pretty straight.


Hell yeah, Leaburn! I'll have to watch the videos after work, but she looks great. Who needs dash lights, they're over rated!
I said before, the BoaB was my first and last nut and bolt restoration.
Grace is a turn key car where body, paint, and all major mechanicals are done.
Now I just have to make her mine.