Mystery connector on 75 Imperial with many wires.


Oct 7, 2022
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I found this massive connector floating under dash pad when I was changing cluster bulbs. I can’t find it in my 76 FSM . My car is a 75 but most of the wiring should be similar.
There are some 16ga hot wires and grounds . Maybe for trailer towing ? Seems to be a lot of wires for that…
None of my warning buzzers work so at first I thought it might be for that but cant find a matching male connector . It comes from the drivers side cluster area and runs over to passenger side .
Correct- Option L41 Safeguard Sentinel was one of the things that no longer was available after the Imperial line was dropped.
Question still remains
“ where is the rest of the wiring ?” I will try to find a 75 FSM on line .
Fair enough

What I meant to say was, there is no more wiring after this connector.
Yes , I.understood what you were saying. I didnt occure to me that there was a module involved in the system until then .
I wonder if removing the module effected other things like dash lights or cornering lights ? None of which work now . I bought an NOS light switch with sentinel provisions thinking it was the switch effecting my dash lights
Cornering lights are not affected by this module and neither are the dash lights. Cornering lights are powered by fuse #8 and only go through turn signal switch. Dash lights are powered by fuse #1 and only go through headlight switch.

Best to check fuses and connectors