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Apr 26, 2022
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Gulfport, MS
Apparently it's recommended to say hello to the community and introduce myself. So here is me in a nutshell:

I was introduced to MOPAR in 1996ish, when my dad bought a 1985 Plymouth Reliant K-car with a blown head gasket. I told him it looked like a shoe box, to which he replied you better get to loving shoes because once you fix it it's yours and it's the only car I'm ever buying you. Well blown head gasket turned into warped head and I had never worked on a car in my life. That car took me with loads of help from my dad two years to get running. The day I first turned the key over and it fired up I fell head over heals in love with everything MOPAR. Best thing he ever did for me was to make sure I knew every aspect of my car's engine before I ever moved it an inch.

That began a life long love affair with all vintage Fratzog cars. Come the mid 2000's everyone else on the planet seemed to finally appreciate them and drove the prices so high that I could never afford one until now.

I am now beginning the process of a resto-mod on a 1969 Plymouth Fury Sport. This is going to be a  LONGGGG process. I have very little disposable income and I know exactly what I like, caviar tastes on a hot dog budget. My plans are as follows:

STAGE 1: Engine
383 aligned honed and decked to .008 deck height
Molnar Stroker Crank 4.15"
Molnar Rods 6.760"
Icon Flat Top Pistons w/ Valve Reliefs
Hughes EDM Mechanical Flap Tappet Lifters
Hughes 238/242 Solid Cam
TrickFlow 240 Heads w/ .680" lift
Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake
Hughes Girdle (overkill, I Know)
Hughes 1.7:1 Rocker Assembly
Holley Street Avenger 870cfm

End result is a 484 c.i. stroker with 11.99:1 static, 9.9:1 dynamic, streetable torque monster.

Stage 2: Body

Strip paint as work is done to that section

Typical wheel well issues, surprisingly not terible given it's Yankee lineage.

Rust at the vinyl roof transition, which will go back to vinyl, I don't get the hatred for vinyl. I live in the DEEP A$$ south and yeah it cracks, but vinyl is cheap.... Lost my flow on that one....

Minor dents and dings

Passenger front floor pan

Modification of certain body panels to tighten things up and suck in the bumpers

FINE skim coat

Phase 3: Interior

Good Lord, where to start....

Everything!!!! ‍♂️

Modify seat frame to accept console shift


Re-pad the dash

Swap steering column for console model

Redo every single stitch of interior and carpet

Restore door panels

Phase 4: Paint

Going back to original Fire Metallic Bronze

Off-white '70 Fury GT hood decal in paint (almost like a very thin boxy scallop

Painted line down the bottom of the panels with relief of "SPORT" centered on doors in script

Phase 5: Drive it????

So yeah there is the plan. 5-6 years worth of work. I hope!

Welcome! It sounds like you've got a pretty good game plan and are realistic about your time frames. I'll be relocating your way to the deep *** south (just north of Vancleave) by the end of next month.
I'll be relocating your way to the deep *** south (just north of Vancleave) by the end of next month

Yeah I was conceived round your way, Fort Huachuca. I don't have to tell you nothin about heat but the humidity is a bad joke!!! Vancleave is a 20 min trip on I-10 from me and the track
Sounds ambitious!

You said a mouth full right there. That's my edited list that doesn't include rebuilding the 727 or homebrewed coil over and a 4 link. The stereo system. Cleaning up the firewall. Ghost work around the striping. Basically I want to stay in the spirit of the era but take advantage of what MOPAR engineers would have done if they had the technology. As lame as it may sound it'll be my "love letter" to the era and brand. I'm fully confident in my abilities along with the support available right here to do the work, but yeah six years is very ambitious.

Thank you all for your help in advance for all the help and support I'll need.
Welcome. Glad you're saving the 69 Fury!
I own 1970, 1971, and 1972 Fury's, so heavy bias toward your car. Great choice!
Welcome. Glad you're saving the 69 Fury!
I own 1970, 1971, and 1972 Fury's, so heavy bias toward your car. Great choice!
Lucky dog!!!!! I "settled" for the Fury but the more I looked it over the more I fell in love with the model. Yeah they're long but they're only a few hundred pounds heavier than a lot of the B bodies of the era. I literally dream about the car now. 67-73 are beautiful cars.