NOT MINE 1969 Dodge polara $7,400


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Dec 20, 2014
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not mine

1969 Dodge Polara


It's been in storage 4 years it runs great it needs new fuel lines needs brake job carburetor needs rebuilt it has a 383 stroker with 440 heads holly card Edelbrock hi rise it has the first set of headers ever made for low deck block it has all the chrome in the trunk it has the dodge division series hub caps power steering pump has a small hole in it it can be fixed easy.i just tried to sell it to a guy in Anderson mo and he had his wife go to DMV and tried to still the car behind my back's a 2 door I have had this car for 25 years it does need new windshield and drivers door window clean title and there is only 1 more in the United States that I have ever seen she needs seats reposterd I know she needs work but would be worth anyone's time to give her a new life I just had her on at 120 mph on my last drive she just needs some love the guy still has the key I don't know if I am going to get it back but the ignition is on the dash so won't be hard to get started I work 6-5
and we have an ad for another 69 at $5999 and looks a whole lot better than this...
Why would anyone want to drive a car at 120 mph, with bad brakes? Especially since it's the only one like it in the states.:realcrazy:
Living on the razors edge. Sounds like a hot rod guy.
I'm really curious what these are:
"it has the first set of headers ever made for low deck block "
Must be some REALLY old headers...

Price is down to $5500.