NOT MINE NOT MINE An Original 15K mile 1971 Chrysler New Yorker Being Parted - A Damn Shame


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Oct 8, 2011
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I ran across this listing on Facebook regarding a 1971 pristine low mileage 1971 Chrysler New Yorker being parted out - but the wrecking yard had no choice the owner of the yard

tells me. The car has only some 15K miles on it.

1971 New Yorker selling parts only. Sold the Engine,Transmission And Rearend​

$1,234,567 · In stock
Listed in Angleton, TX

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    Used - Good
Lots of good parts sold the 440 engine and transmission and rear end .

Apparently the 80 year old owner received an eviction notice for the car since it was illegally parked at some point and he was told to move it but didn't comply. So it was determined to be an abandoned car and was sent to this wrecking yard where the owner told me it had to be labeled a salvage vehicle that could never be put back on the road again in any state so he got the car to part out. It is one of my favorite colors on one of my favorite models too - Aztec gold.

Here are some photos of that vehicle:




Here is the listing....................................

1971 New Yorker selling parts only. Sold the Engine,Transmission And Rearend

The drivetrain was gone on the first day it was placed in the yard, which is a "pick and pull" type one. I was told it was an original one owner car. Its just not right!
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great looking car body and paint , that's total bs what some bureaucrats can do . here in california i've had to move and operate vehicles just parked in the driveway of my house , that same bs .
This car has been posted before a while back with same pictures.
I tried reaching them 3 times and left messages to buy the entire car, but never heard back from them.
I thought it was a BS FB ad, and let it go.
Illegally parked cars aren't sent to salvage yards for scrap. They're kept at an impound lot, and if no one picks them up, they're eventually sold.
The salvage yard owner also told me he had an early Road Runner also like new with very low miles that met the same fate in his yard and he was frustrated there was nothing he could do but part it out.

I don't get it either because the circumstances just don't warrant that draconian kind of restriction.

Probably more than 40 years ago now, I pulled a 1971 Aztec Gold Chrysler 300 from a wrecking yard out here because the car had somehow driven over something that caught the rear axle and almost pulled the shock mounts off the car. By the time I saw it the engine had been plucked and the yard operator there said it was the best running 440 he had ever witnessed and "you could balance a dime on it and it wouldn't fall down" and he ended up selling the engine to Europe.

I ended up rescuing it because it too was an Aztec gold two door with a white vinyl roof and bucket seat interior and it looked great. It's only other options were a/c and cruise control. I was allowed to buy it and I got a salvage title and could put it back on the road once I had passed a vehicle safety inspection upon completion of the restoration. I still have it.

That makes sense to me - this situation is ludicrous for sure! End of rant.............................
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I my state they don't care what another state says about it. If you came by it honest and it's not stolen your good to go. Get the title bonded and start driving.
Ouch! - In Finland the customs officials are not interested in the Title. They are only interested in the bill of sale. One could have that one titled in a matter of hours, had it been shipped over here. I feel dizzy…
Pppfffttt, the interior and brakes?....... grab the whole dang car!!
Uh, the rear axle was sold on the first day so how would you get it to your destination? Believe me, I actually thought about it...........................but it is about half way across the country for me. The owner probably would also tell me no can do for some other liability reasons or something.....................
Uh, the rear axle was sold on the first day so how would you get it to your destination?

True yes I know its gone and the transmission is gone too so that would make it challenging to get and it sucks, but its too bad and heartbreaking to see the whole car be parted like it is when its this nice. I don't wanna get ridiculed or anything but I assume the car rolls with front tires on it that hold air, so maybe get a forklift to lift the backend off the ground at the yard itself and let the front tires roll on the ground to put it on the transport truck. That maybe a stupid and redneck way but thats all I can think of, otherwise I don't know.