NOT MINE ***NOT MY CAR*** 1970 Chrysler New Yorker 2 Dr 440 car

All I see

The car is cool of course. I like the car.
1st, I wouldn't own it as it's a Chrysler C , my preference is Dodge then Plymouth.
2nd, the color.

I see that green I think Waste Management.
I like the 70 dash better than the 71's NYer dash, where you have a place to put your sun glasses and cell phone when driving. The 70 Chrysler dash is similar to Imperials through 73 with that little shelf.
That BIN price on eBay is getting close to the boat ride price if not already there IMO.
Thank you, @fury fan. I like it even more. It’s almost a twin to my ’70 NYer. Same interior, same options. Although I somehow like the ’71 grille, too, if it were mine, I’d change it to OEM NYer grille. I think the asking price is fair.
I knew some twins back in college. One was a little prettier than the other.
I don't know what the rest of your car looks like, but based on the colors it's the prettier one to me.

The blacked wheels, stickers on the side glass, and underhood detailing of the green one turn me off.
Those are readily fixable, yes, but they are what I see in the pics.
And yeah, those chrome tailpipes, too.
Looks like a no-sale.
As I looked back thru this, it's a T-code with HP manifolds, but the driverside is a B-E body manifold that dumps near the rear, not a C-body that dumps between cyls 5-7.
I had seen references that the B-E manifold will fir slabs, here's a data point that it will work on Fuseys also.