On the road again after 21 years! 67 300 Drop top.


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Nov 9, 2020
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British Columbia
Well, it has been a long and winding, sometimes tortuous road getting the 300 back together. As many of you who frequent the forum know, I purchased a highly optioned 67 300 convertible 24 years ago from a local collector who was a died in the wool Fomoco guy. He purchased the car in California, added a trailer hitch (really!) and used it to tow a trailer loaded with T bird parts back to Canada. It sat in his heated shop with a car cover on it for many years before I bought it. My fiancee and I drove the car for a number of years before a serious engine compartment fire put an end to the fun.
I pulled the engine, and tore the front end out of it before a wedding, two baby boys and 2 careers got in the way. It sat in my warm and cozy shop for 18 years. Two years ago, I decided to put the beast back together for my oldest son's grad ceremony and got at it seriously. I had previously purchased all new front end components, a new (to me) wiring harness from Wildcat Auto, and all the engine rebuild items. I stripped and cleaned up the engine compartment, prepped it and the underside of the hood, and had the car sent to a friend who is an accomplished painter. He finished them in the original color. (Mahogany).
I am very blessed to have 3 good friends who have built, raced and worked on dozens of Mopars over the past 50 years and provided me with valuable guidance and assistance along the way, as have many of you on this forum. Too many to name here, but you know who you are, and I thank you for all the help locating parts, direction, encouragement and advice!
Unfortunately Covid derailed my son's grad ceremonies, and my hoped for 6 month odyssey turned into 2 years! My 440 TNT was stripped to the block, and built by Paul, .30 over, new pistons, rods and all hardware. Balanced rotating assembly, everything is brand new, specs on Pauls advice. Edelbrock performer intake, Stealth Aluminum Heads, new rocker arms and shafts, Melling high volume pump, double roller, etc etc. 670 Holley Street Avenger. Entire engine compartment has been rewired, and most of under dash as well. Transmission rebuilt, shift kit, new converter etc. Basically the entire running gear and suspension is new, except for the springs, which I am currently waiting on.
I have left the exterior of the car as is, with it's incidental bumps and bruises, and flaws. Bumpers are in nice shape, but faded and need to be redone, but that will wait until winter. Still things to be done, trunk paint etc, and some electrical gremlins that we are sorting out, but all the power options work flawlessly, the car runs beautifully with tons of power and shift points are right on. Just going through break in right now, need to put a few more miles on. Had an issue with the power seat switch on the drivers side. It was stuck in the "raise" the seat mode and burned some of the connectors. That was the "parasitic drain" I was trying to find. Will sort that out if I can find the parts. All in all, a fun and challenging experience but worth it. Took my wife for a spin a couple of days ago on an 85 degree evening, pretty cool, smiles all around!

1967 Chrysler 300 convertible
Mahogany with black interior, all tinted windows
Dual headrests, dual mirrors
6 way power buckets with console, performance gauge
Power windows, seats, antenna, power trunk, locks and power vents.
440 TNT, Stealth heads, Edelbrock performer, Holley 670 Street Avenger








The car looks great. Do you still have the skirts to finish her off? That colour would have been outstanding with a white interior though.
300Rag, Yes I have the fender skirts, but I am kinda partial to the look of the car without them. Sacrilege! I am going to put them back on this weekend, one has a slightly bent securing rod.
C Shaft
Well done but definitely doesn’t look right without the skirts.
Nicely optioned! I see it has Pwindow, PVent (!), Pseat, buckets/console with vacuum gauge, headrests, tilt/tel, and was born with AC. Oh, and the TNT.
Yeah, Camshft, you need those skirts back on, you're missing a wheel lip molding without them.
And some folks say that Road Wheels don't look good on Slabs - this car should change their mind.
Very nice car. Ours is back on the road after about 20 years, 3 kids as well. Such a great feeling.
Aright! Aright already. The skirts were off the car because I was taking her in for a wheel alignment and the racks won't go on properly with them on. Had to fix a slightly bent rod on one of them anyway. Here is the car with the skirts! C Shaft