For Sale Pair of 1967 chromed interior pillar lower windshield garnish / trim ($50 or trade) ID help?


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Aug 21, 2022
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Ontario, Canada
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I have here what are chromed steel lower interior windshield garnish / trim for 1967 but for what car exactly I'm not sure. They match the profile for 1967 Monaco (see second photo) but have a different extension for the mounting tab. The second photo shows the unknown piece (on the left) and the Monaco piece (on the right) with a large oval mounting tab.

So maybe these are from a Plymouth VIP or Chrysler? There's no PN or anything stamped on it. This would work probably for '68 but I think they changed over to painted trim in '68 (not chromed). No idea how similar these trim pieces would be to '66 or earlier.

These pieces have some rust specs that might clean up if given a good polish. $50 for the pair.

Or - I'd take a trade for a pair of lower corner rear window chromed trim for 2-dr Monaco or probably any similar '67 C body with chromed interior trim.


Above - that's what's for sale. Below - comparison with '67 Monaco on the right.