Party Barge is going back together


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Feb 24, 2021
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Good Evening All
The Party Barge ('65 Newport) is going back together. Steer and Gear called to tell me the steering box is ready to go (they also rebuilt the pitman arm) so a trip to Columbus will be made in the near future. Made a trip to Murray Park today to pick-up the 6-way power seat assembly. Was able to get the wiring from the kick panel to the seat installed.
Last week made a trip to Woodruffs to drop off a '64 AFB carb. Also scored a rear window defogger (E Bag) and got that installed. Along with that a member here had an adapter to add a rear window defogger along with a rear speaker, so that has found its way to the package shelf.
Now all that is missing is to reinstall the motor, the torsion bar isolators (that are being re-vulcanized), the rear seat (being re-upholstered) the arm rests (being re-covered) and the steering wheel (being covered with a leather wrap). Once the steering box is in then the rest to the steering linkage can be installed.
Plans are to have this done by Tax Day.