Plug wires for a '65 Newport


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Feb 24, 2021
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Good Day All
With the GTO out for the rest of the summer. Attention has turned to the '68 Bee and the '65 Newport. The Bee is ready for the trip to the Moper show at National Trails (this used to be the Mopar Nationals) in a week, so its back to the Newport.
I purchased the Newport last April from Wisconsin, Drove to Ohio (via the ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon was not driving anywhere near Chicago). Drove great, no issues averages between 15 and 16 mpg. Equipped with a 383 and Stromberg 2 bbl, it is a nice cruiser. It now has a set of plug wires that appear to be from several sets.
I plan on keeping it a close to stock as possible. Which brings me to the plug wires. I see lots of 8MM wires available, but the stock wire supports are 7MM. I have used Firecore wires in the '68 with no issues, but they fit TIGHT in the factory supports. Is there a preferred brand of 7MM (correct boots) or are there 8MM wire supports available?
Thanks to all who respond.
Search on the site here - there is a company that makes correct wires that get good reviews. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for apparently. I'll be going with them when the time is right.
I used 8mm MSD wires. The trick is to drill out the insulators with a 21/64th bit. This must be done slowly and gently, or the bit will grab that nylon. I did this to both the single round and the loom style insulators. This must be done for the single wire metal support on some BB valve covers. Drill it out (Dremel) and add new black insulation by using several layers of Liquid Electrical Tape (Home Depot).

I also cut down the four-wire loom to three wires, as I never liked that "missing wire" look from the factory for some BB engines that feed the two rear plugs along the valve cover.


Example of "missing wire" OEM loom:
IMG_0791 (2)_LI.jpg

I don't know why these pics repeated....I'll ask Al Gore.




IMG_0791 (2)_LI.jpg
Exact Reproduction Spark Plug Wire Sets for Classic & Muscle Cars is the place Ross is speaking of.

I started using these after a lot of frustration with aftermarket "made to length" wire kits that really didn't fit and generally crappy "cut to fit" kits. The wires from these guys fit and are obviously good quality. To me, having them look OEM is bonus, but not why I like them.

Lot's of guys here have been using them and I haven't read a single complaint. Yes, a little pricey, but worth it.
Exact Reproduction Spark Plug Wire Sets for Classic & Muscle Cars

I haven't read a single complaint. Yes, a little pricey, but worth it.

I'd agree with that. Heard only good things about them. In my case, I specifically wanted "cut to fit" since I was dealing with headers and nothing is remotely the same as with OEM manifolds. I bought TWO quality (pricey!) MSD kits, one with straight boots and one with 90 degree boots, and worked them both to have an OEM look whilst keeping the wires well clear of the pipes. And now I have a mix of 8 straights and 90s. Oh...I tossed them a few months ago come to think of it.
By about 1970, the 1965 wire sets had become more generic in many respects. Got a bit worse as time went on, by observation. When I needed wires for the '66 Newport 383 2bbl and the '70 Monaco 383 4bbl, I always went for the pre-terminated factory replacement wires from a noted company rather than the "cut-to-fit" generic wire sets from an auto supply. I got into the back of the catalogs to check what lengths and boots were on the wires, to see if they matched what I needed, too.

By mid-1975, the OEM wires had changed a lot from what they had been in 1970 (routing and such), so I ended up replacing individual wires rather than getting a set that would not work. FWIW.

Since then, the restoration industry has come into play with pretty much exact wire sets. In some cases, a popular B-body wire set will also fit a C-body application, but not always. Minor model year changes in routing seemed to be an issue in the 1960s, which would then generate a different wire set number.

One problem back then was that I didn't want the carbon-core conductor like the OEM wires had. That complicated things a bit, in several areas.

Check the link above and see what they have,
I second Big_Johns recommendation on Lectric Limited wire sets i bought mine from them for my 68 wagon. One of the wires was not long enough(cyl 7) according to their instructions i called them told them how long the wire needed to be they sent me what i needed that day no charge.