Potomac Run (MD/VA/DC - Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020 3-5:30PM)

Beautiful cars and a great cruise!

Sorry, I just couldn't make it. My recovery has been very slow so far. Maybe I can make the next cruise.
I was very disappointed that I couldn't participate in the cruise but more important I missed an opportunity to meet up with some of the coolest and passionate C-Body guys!!!


I was very disappointed that I couldn't participate in the cruise

Can't wait to see you join us. The next one, depending on weather, is likely to be Oct. 10 (Saturday, so that @Imps Rule can join us too) or 2-3 weeks later. Depends on when I will next be on the East Coast, and when the weather allows. I'll be sure to let you know -- and if you can bring that great formal of yours, all the better!

Meanwhile, take care of yourself and heal -- that's the most important thing!
Your wish is my command. Here are the cars in Glen Echo at the start of our little trip.

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Here is the close-up of @Analog Kid's 1972 Plymouth Fury iii hardtop. He drove behind me for most of the trip, and it was absolutely great seeing this front end in my rear-view mirror during all that time -- felt "period":

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Parked alongside it, is @Ripinator's Scorch Red 1966 Chrysler 300:

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Next is @Michael McCoy's 1973 Imperial LeBaron. He and his wife, who are both very active in the DC-area CPOC (Chrysler Products Owner's Club), have owned it since 1978! Originally B5 blue, the car has been repainted in a "midnight" blue shade -- the paint job is incredible, and I do not say so lightly.

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Here is Poppy, my own Dodge Polara convertible. The parking ding on the passenger side of the front valence was there when I bought the car -- @polara71 asked about it at Carlisle, so here is a photo showing the blemish.

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Finally, I took a rear shot of our cars, all together before departing for the run.

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Our next stop was at the Tidal Basin. You've already seen the photo I took of the cars in front of the White House and Monument, here are two more photos. The sun position was not great for exposure, but the location is well worth it. The Basin, and beyond it the Jefferson Memorial, can be discerned in the background.

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Here we are on our way back from the Tidal Basin; the photo was taken by a friend who saw us at the end of the Whitehurst Freeway in Georgetown.

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The final picture was taken at the Irish Inn at Glen Echo, where @Ripinator generously took us for drinks. By that time we had lost the Imperial (on her way back to Virginia). Rip and @Imperialist67 (who ran out of time to pick up his 1967 NYer and rode shotgun with me for the whole trio -- masks for both of us and top down, about as safe as can be) explained to the rest of us how the place used to be called Trav's in the sixties and seventies, one of four roadhouses between downtown DC and Carderock. Here are the Fury and Polara on the Inn's lot, with MacArthur Blvd in the background.

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A great time was had by all. @1978 NYB -- we were hoping you might make it, next time will be it. @Imps Rule -- since Sundays are bad for you, we'll try to do the next run on a Saturday. And I hope that others will join too: DC-area traffic has a deservedly bad reputation, but amid the pandemic it is much lighter than usual so we might as well make the best out of a rotten year.

"Photos #7 & 8: "Boats Along the Basin"